Your bright future is our mission

We empowered our foreign job- seekers with the cutting edge knowledge of working trends and practices to match with the demands of our principals

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Delivering innovative workforce solutions that enhance competitiveness

Our organization is capable of providing employees with the talent you’re looking for and the agility you need to win

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We protect our clients integrity and respect their vision

We believe that confidentiality in information is an essential policy to preserve to meet the needs of your business successfully

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Numerous government and university-specific scholarships designed to make life easier for those looking to study internationally.

Our Service

We provide expert advice and guidance on student visa procedure, seeking into the students every single need and fulfilling our role.

Our Achievements

We've gained reputation as leading overseas educational consultants covering most of European Countries such as Sweden Somalia & so many more.

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Join with us now and indulge in the climax of your future career aqquiring your desired educational and occupational goals swiftly.

About Edulink

Edulink is a constructive consultation firm that is trusted among students and has gained recognition for its specialized services. We guide prospective Sri Lankan students to overcome the difficulties and obstacles of the visa process and to reach their desired job satisfaction. We provide students with valuable advice on their needs, qualifications and budget in a personal friendly manner while maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their information.If

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Diverse Educational Sectors and Personolized Job Reccomendations

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Dinesh Dharmaraj

Successfully recieved Visa for UK

The founder of Edulink consultancies Nawzir is an excellent guy indeed. Born businessman but not money hungry. A good consultant who can advice students to do the right thing but not a adam bepari. I put my 100% trust on Edulink Consultancies international.

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