We here at Edulink gives the maximum effort we can to make your journey a success. We offer financial sponsorship along with other services that you could learn more below and if you contact us.

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There are many government and university bursaries designed to attract active students and those who hope to work in the country after graduation. Many of these programs offer large sums of money, scholarships, or subsistence allowances designed to make life easier for those who want to study abroad. There are programs available for students who intend to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD courses abroad.
Youll be happy to know; that for our clients, we offer a personal financial sponsorship meaning that we'll help you on your financial state record, ensuring secure fast and trustworthy service guaranteeing your Visa application.



We take all the decisions needed guarantying your visa


We will teach you all there is to know to cope this massive leap


We will get much needed approval for you taking full responsibility


We are ready to help you in your financial deficit